This is the first app to let the user play with friends head on head battles and earn points. These points then can be settled between them in the form of anything they wish, which will be on a mutual basis but outside the app. The user settlement can be done on the app based on whatever was decided between them.

These are the simple steps to follow while playing cricket battles between friends:

STEP 01: Signup and choose an upcoming cricket match from the dashboard.

STEP 02: Choose a squad type out of 4 or 6 player squad option, from the selected match window.

STEP 03: Next, choose a winning multiplier from 2X to 10X, and obviously ‘greater the multiplier, bigger the winnings’.

STEP 04: Now, you are all set to invite your friends for an exciting match on SkillSquad. If it’s your first time you will get an option to invite your friends via social media platforms. But if you and your friends are already registered, you can skip this step and move on to the next one directly after sending invites.

STEP 05: once you and your opponent reach to the player selection window, you will get an option to choose players one by one, till your squad list is full. Host gets the first preference in choosing the first player, then his opponent and so on.
This alternate Player selection strategy ensures uniqueness in both teams and confirmed wins.

STEP 06: It’s now time to choose your captain marvel; be wise when you decide your team’s captain, because he is going to reward you with double points as he performs, and will play a crucial role in your victory.

STEP 07: finally, it’s time to lay back, enjoy the live stream and watch your squad perform and crush the opponent on skill squad.

STEP 08: Hoot-Hoot! It’s time for prize distribution. Difference in the points scored by you and your opponent, multiplied by the Winning Multiplier will be your total gross winning, which can be settled outside the app and later updated on it for mutual leveling.

Points Calculation:

For user understanding and better knowledge here is the points calculation system based on which user being updated regarding their squad stature: