Choosing your battle

SkillSquad is one of a kind platform which offers an immersive game experience. On SkillSquad, you can challenge your friends for a head on point’s battle, and if your friends aren’t too boring, you can soon be competing against each other in a nail biting match session.

Crushing the opponent

Once your friend accepts your challenge for a match, you will both get to choose 4 to 6 players of your choice to build a squad. Depending upon the players you both choose, and how they perform in real match, you both will be awarded points. Whosoever finishes with the most points on the table gets extra reward points in terms of 2X, 4X, up to 10X of the total points earned during the match.

Victory celebration

Well, it seems impossible, but I have earned some good rewards by playing on SkillSquad. I bet this is something very addictive.

What Are You Waiting For..


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SkillSquad — Presenting you a new era online gaming fantasy

An online fantasy game which provides you the out-of-the-box plus interesting features to play with your friends.